Hello, dear friend!

When you really want to understand SILLYBIRD Programming Game and SILLIYBIRD NFT, please read this white paper in depth. He will tell you the reasons behind the creation of the project, the value of the project, and how we will promote the progress of the project.

This white paper will tell you:

  You'll know who we are and what kind of team we are.

  You can know all the information behind the project that you are interested in, so that the project is completely transparent to you.

  You will find the intention and motivation of our project, and you will be very willing to join us to analyze the joy of the project.

Our team and our members sincerely hope that you will join us and share our vision with us. With your participation, our community interaction will be richer, we welcome you to give us every valuable advice very much, and let us embark on this miraculous and magical programming adventure together!


Mankind has entered the era of digital and intelligent, block chain is gradually applied in various fields. Human beings are the creators of science and technology, we need to discover, explore and innovate thinking. Programming is not only the embodiment of innovative thinking, but also a tool to explore the world, which can be applied to all fields of life to make life better.

At the same time, we also hope that our children can master programming as soon as possible to maximize their adaptability and creativity at the stage of growth. Therefore, we decided to develop a series of programming games that can be applied to people of all ages, including our children, so that they can learn programming in the game, so as to explore the world with programming thinking and open up their intelligent life.


At present, we plan to develop three programming games, release a NFT art and release a SILLYBIRD token money. The three programming games are all run on Windows and Mac systems, and NFT works of art will be released on the public chain of ETH.

The first is CP Game, a programming game for children. Although this game is not difficult, it is very rich in content and is suitable for learning the basic knowledge and skills of programming.

The second is TP Game, a programming game for teenagers. The game uses physical, chemical and biological knowledge and is suitable for improving programming skills and multidisciplinary skills.

The third is MP Game, a programming game for all ages. This is a Metaverse programming game, users can use code to create virtual worlds. These created items are permanently stored on the blockchain so that they can be traded and transferred.

SILLYBIRD NFT is the only NFT art released in this project, with a total of 10000. Users who hold NFT will get the right to use this series of programming games for free and will obtain a certain number of airdrops of SILLYBIRD TOKEN.

SILLYBIRD TOKEN is the only token in the SILLYBIRD Programming Game ecology. SILLYBIRD TOKEN will be released before MP Game hits the shelves for the eco-economy of games in MP Game, including token award for creating items, item exchanges and props purchases. After the release of SILLYBIRD TOKEN, CP Game and TP Game will only support the use of SILLYBIRD TOKEN to pay for usage.

Business model

We believe that enterprises should obtain income and profits as soon as possible so as to lay a sustainable foundation for the development of enterprises. Too many encrypted digital currency projects and NFT projects are based on promises and hype, but we are different.

SILLYBIRD has completed the first phase of the vision: CP Game has been operational online and has achieved local success. According to the survey, more than 90% of parents and children like this programming game for children's enlightenment very much. The follow-up products will have broad commercial prospects after they are launched on the market, and we are still planning for the future.

CP Game and TP Game, the two educational programming games, are charged on a monthly basis, with a monthly usage fee of 0.01 ETH, about $30. After the release of SILLYBIRD TOKEN, the equivalent SILLYBIRD TOKEN will be used to pay the monthly fee.

MP Game is a blockchain game, this game uses the play-to-earn model, and we work with players to build the economic ecology of the game. Before the game starts, players need to pay a certain amount of SILLYBIRD TOKEN to buy the protagonist doll, whose price is about $100.

Our sources of income include:

  The monthly fee for the game

  NFT creation fee

Our ongoing costs include:

  Program and technology development

  The operation of the game

  Continuous marketing

CP Game

Child Programming Game (CP Game) is our first leveled programming game for children between the ages of 6 - 12. The game design adopts the level mode, which integrates programming syntax and programming rules into the game, so that children can learn programming knowledge in the course of exploration. We use C # language as the programming language, which is an efficient and powerful object-oriented high-level programming language.

A total of 86 game levels are designed in the game, involving commands, functions, loops, judgments, algorithms, variables, attributes, parameters, initialization and arrays, covering all the knowledge points that children need to master in programming.

Each level in the game has a clear level task, and the user writes C # code to control the dolls in the level world, and gets through the levels to collect pumpkins and turns on the switch to complete the level task.

TP Game

Teenager Programming Game (TP Game) is our second programming game for 10-18-year-old teenagers. In the game, you can use code to control a variety of vehicles, including tanks, armored vehicles, guided missile vehicles and aircraft. We provide a complete API to allow users to control the movement of various vehicles, find enemies and fire, and can write their own AI code to control patrols, pursuits and other combat processes. We provide a challenge mode, where users can disclose their combat vehicles and accept other users' combat challenges.

MP Game

Metaverse Programming Game (MP Game) is a programming adventure game for Metaverse programming games, for full-age users. Users can create and change the Metaverse through code.

In this game world, all objects are static, and the protagonist must make the world move if he wants to complete the adventure. The code is the only way to make the objects in the game move, but whether the way to move is reasonable or not needs to be verified by the players themselves. These items created by the code are permanently stored on the block chain so that they can be traded and transferred.

More details of MP Game will be released in version 2.0 of the White Paper.


SILLYBIRD NFT is a collection of NFT on the main network of ETH, which includes 10000 generated-randomly silly birds. These NFT are not only beautiful, but also used for some special powers.

The rarity of SILLYBIRD NFT will be decrypted only when you open it, and if you are lucky, you will get the most rare SILLYBIRD NFT.

The rarity of SILLYBIRD NFT can be divided into three categories: 10% of Pass Level1, 20% of Pass Level2 and 70% of Others.

Pass Level1, with the highest rarity, takes the golden crown as the mark whose probability of obtaining is 10%. This category can use all SILLYBIRD Programming Game products for free indefinitely, including existing products and all subsequent products.

Pass Level2, with the moderate rarity, takes a silver crown as a marker, whose probability of obtaining is 20%. This category can use any two SILLYBIRD Programming Games indefinitely for free.

Others, with the generally rarity, whose probability of obtaining is 70%. This category can use any SILLYBIRD Programming Game product indefinitely for free.

Owning SILLYBIRD NFT not only gives you unlimited access to programming games, but also gets you 3% of our airdrops when you release SILLYBIRD TOKEN later.

Our team members have been involved in many NFT projects, and we collect and review ideas, which eventually become our NFT works of art. With the growth of SILLYBIRD Programming Game and communities, the NFT you have will make you gain more and more.


SILLYBIRD Token is an integral part of the game ecosystem and is a proprietary deflationary token created to maximize efficiency and effectiveness. More details of TOKEN token moneys will be released in version 2.0 of the White Paper.

Its main functions are as follows:

  Deflation: SILLYBIRD Token is a deflationary token with a 5% fee added to every transaction;

  Smart Staking: 2% of each transaction is distributed to all holders in proportion as a passive reward;

  Destroy:3% of each transaction is destroyed forever, ensuring an ever-decreasing supply of SILLYBIRD Token;

  Purpose: SILLYBIRD Token coins will be the only tokens used in the game ecosystem. It includes the purchase of the right to use the game, the cost of dolls in the game, the market transaction of virtual game items and the rewards obtained by users, and so on.

Token Distribution


  Private Presale,10%,1,000,000,000

  Public Presale,10%,1,000,000,000

  Liquidity Pool,10%,1,000,000,000,Locked

  Air drop,3%,300,000,000,3 months locked


  Team & Advisors,20%,2,000,000,000,50% locked - 10% every month

  Commpany Reserves,10%,1,000,000,000,2 year lock - 20% unlocked every 6 months



Q2 2020

  Market research

  Validating business mode

  Testing core technology

Q3 2020

  Design Child Programming Game (CP Game)

  Core team formation

  Developing CP Game

Q4 2020

  Premium brand creation

  Settng up legal entity

Q1 2021

  Expand core team

  Testing CP Game

Q2 2021

  CP Game release


Q3 2021



  Create smart contract for SILLYBIRD NFT

  Develop Teenager Programming Game (TP Game)

Q4 2021

  Mint of 10,000 SILLYBIRD NFT

  Developing TP Game

Q1 2022

  Growing international Programming communities

  Expanding team

  Testing TP Game

Q2 2022

  TP Game release

  Design Metaverse Programming Game (MP Game)

  Publish SILLYBIRD TOKEN detail information

Q3 2022

  Developing MP Game


  Publish 10-year plan to scale to 10M users

Q4 2022

  Airdrop SILLYBIRD TOKEN to NFT holders

  Expanding team

  Testing MP Game version 1

Q1 2023

  MP Game release version 1

  Publish 2023-2025 roadmap


We are a vibrant group of people who have confidence in NFT, block chain and games, and like freedom and creativity. We come from different regions, some are potential managers, some are small achievement marketers, and some are excellent artists and code developers.

Our team is very nice.

  • Lucky Duck N1
    Game Director
  • Lucky Duck N2
  • Lucky Duck N2
  • Lucky Duck N3
    Art Director
  • Lucky Duck N4
  • Lucky Duck N2
  • Lucky Duck N5
    Lead Programmer
  • Lucky Duck N6
    Level Design
  • Lucky Duck N2
  • Lucky Duck N7
    Lead Designer
  • Lucky Duck N8
  • Lucky Duck N2
  • Lucky Duck N5
    QA Manager
  • Lucky Duck N6
  • Lucky Duck N2

We believe in our ideas, and we will manage, shape our art and move forward to our vision. Our works of art and the commercial projects behind them should be launched simultaneously, we have set up a nationally recognized entity company, we have a lot of capital as the guarantee of operation, and we hope more people will join us.

The last words

SILLYBIRD Programming Game is our dream, and we are loyal to our original intention, loyal to our story. Our NFT art work is unique, whether the art itself or its commercial value.

We sincerely hope to work with you to explore this Metaverse with infinite possibilities and to explore the new century of programming games. In this kingdom of block chain technology, choosing us will be your wisest decision, and you and your family will be happy for it. We strive to let you get better and more value, this is our constant efforts, and we hope to be with you.

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Common problem


SILLYBIRD NFT is the NFT collection on the main network of ETH, which includes 10000 generated-randomly silly birds.

2.When will it go on sale?

The sale is scheduled for October 10, 2021, with 10000 NFT works on sale.

3.Why 0.1 ETH?

We have invested a lot of money and energy in the process of art creation and software development, so we hope to inject more money into the project.

We love our project, but we also believe in the value of SILLYBIRD NFT. We need funds to protect the value of SILLYBIRD Programming Game, which is also protecting your value.

4.How to buy?

SILLYBIRD NFT will be available in By connecting to your Metamask wallet, you can get up to 30 SILLYBIRD NFT per transaction. If you still wish, you can go to the secondary market to buy SILLYBIRD NFT for sale.

5.How to exchange the rights and interests of NFT?

After you get the SILLYBIRD NFT, you will get a "NFT CODE". By using this NFT CODE, exchange the activation code for different games on our website, and then enter this activation code in the game to get game permission.

6.If NFT CODE is lost?

When you lose your NFT CODE, you can still re-authenticate it by purchasing SILLYBIRD NFT's wallet address on our website to view NFT CODE information.

7.How to get SILLYBIRD TOKEN airdrop?

After you bought SILLYBIRD NFT, we already have your wallet address. On the day of the airdrop, we will send a certain amount of SILLYBIRD TOKEN to your wallet address according to the number of NFT you hold.

8.What is the difference between SILLYBIRD NFT and other NFT?

SILLYBIRD NFT is a work, a kind of rights and interests, and it is also the vision and hope of our team. We are a group of people who love block chain, programming and games, our NFT is in line with the goals of our commercial projects, and our team is building great programming games. We hope more people will join us; if you are ready, please join us.

9.Who created my works of art and games?

These works and games are created by a group of life-loving designers and programmers after they collect the ideas of 100 children.

10.What rare items do you have?

There are two rare items on the SILLYBIRD NFT: the golden crown and the silver crown. SILLYBIRD NFT of Golden Crown accounts for 10%, and all SILLYBIRD Programming Game products can be used indefinitely for free; SILLYBIRD NFT of Silver Crown accounts for 20%, and any two SILLYBIRD Programming Game products can be used for free indefinitely.

11.Can I choose roles and items?

No, roles and items are randomly generated at the time of purchase.

12.With what to protect my rights and interests?

We are an entity company and have invested a lot of money in developing products, and we are full of confidence in the future of Metaverse programming games. If the price in the secondary market is lower than the issued cost price, we will recover it at the selling price if you like.